Commercial Air Conditioning Services Southern CA

Commercial Air Conditioning (A/C) Services

Imagine having complete control over your climate and having a relaxed, cool environment in the humid heat of summer, or feeling a cozy warmth during the biting cold of winter. Air conditioning gives you this flexibility, while properly maintained  high efficiency equipment keeps your energy bills to a minimum.

Chandler’s can install systems using modern technology to heat or cool and provide the same comfortable conditions all year round, whatever the weather. Climate control is no longer a luxury and is a part of everyday life in southern California.  Modern systems are both quiet and efficient, providing one of the most cost effective climate control solutions available in today’s marketplace.

Many of our clients realize that comfortable conditions provide a more relaxed and productive staff. We offer the latest MERV rated filtration systems where micro organisms can be efficiently removed from the air, preventing the spread of viruses and stopping the spread of the dreaded seasonal cold. This both makes the staff happy and productive, and reduces the time taken off due to illness.

Most of our commercial clients realize the immediate benefit of their air conditioning investment. The majority of them also understand that air conditioning makes customers likely to spend more time on the premises, increasing the chances and  value of sales.

Chandler’s are equally committed to all sizes of projects, big or small, and also install air conditioning systems into custom homes.  So if it’s just one room or a whole building, we will have the solution for your budget.  We also have attractive finance options available.